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Jatuh Cinta!

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I have a prob where my skin become dry sebab aku keje dalam aircond. It become worst bile kalo ak scratch bole luke..aku memang tak suke aircond..benci!!Then, I met this product which can makes my skin moisture dari start pergi kerja till balik umah even sampai malam pun. I think my skin bertambah2 glow and moist aku yang perasan sendiri?hahaha…nope..i don’t think so..why?? because ada my officemate noticed that my skin semakin glow..hahaha:

Kak M: aku tengok budak isma ni makin cantik la..

Me: minum air [cover2]

Kak C: Die memang cantik ape dari dlu? Ramai tgh tunggu list die interview nak jadi laki die and even nak jadikan die menantu!

Kak M: Tu aku tau tapi aku tgk die ni makin cantik je..

Me:[tersengih2 je]

I am not interest on waiting list at all[tapi ada la sikit2..ehehe..] but my concern is more about comment about my skin. Wow..I think it is a good sign because I am used this product just less than 1 week. Aku rase aku pakai last Monday kot..Macam tak percaya je within a week we can see the result. Great! What is the amazing product that has been used?

Here we go….Daytime Protection Emulsion with sunscreen. Let me call it DPE.

DPE is a gentle daily moisturizer that contains sunscreen to help protect skin from the full spectrum of harmful UV while providing intense hydration. What is so special of this DPE? The special is which make it differ from other skin product in market is it is made without adding chemical preservatives such as parabens. What is parabens? Parabens is actually chemicals that used as preservatives that widely used in cosmetic products and are antibacterial agents in antibacterial toothpastes. Common parabens are used include methylparaben(E218), ethylparaben(E214), propylparaben(E216). Many products will have 2 or more of these chemicals as part of preservative system. One scientific study reports that parabens were found in sample of breast tumor.Yes, it has potential to cause breast cancer. It’s scary,man.Tak caye?try google by yrself.

I don’t mind to invest more on this, as for me I think it is worth and good investment for my skin. The most important thing; this product is safe for my skin even in long-term. That is for sure because its not contain paraben! Better you invest a little bit more money now compared to use yr money to cure any disease later, right?

Besides applying USANA skin care, I am also consumed ESSENTIAL as my daily supplement. So bertambah2 la glow my skin ni..hehe.. I’ll describe more about this product later, k? Saya sudah jatuh cinta..lalala

So guys, what are you waiting for? Change yr skin care product now. This is a trust-worthy product that I recommend to all my frens..Pls don’t hesitate to email me for any inquiry on this product or other USANA products.

p/s: nak bawak bawang merah gi mandi ari ni...hepi weekend

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