Monday, November 23, 2009

Raging Phoenix

Posted by emaduel at 8:16 AM

Yesterday I went to OU to watch Senario 2 beach boy movie but for certain reason, I change my mind to watch Raging Phoenix movie. Overall the movie is ok. hahaha..actually I don’t know how to describe more about this movie but what I know is I love martial art movie..especially when woman become a fighter because I was a fighter before **wink**..Ok go back to the movie..This movie is Thai movie directed by “Ong Bak” director movie. The story starts when a girl has never experienced “tru love” and very disappointed with her life. Her life start change when there is gangsters try to kidnap her and she escaped with help of Sanim. Sanim and his friends having had loved ones abducted, have joined together to break the gang of kidnappers. The best part is, they practiced martial art skills with hip hop dancing and other element called Meyraiyuth.

One thing that I like is the soul of Meyraiyuth is not being drunk but, you will become stronger when more painful that u feels.ha, lebih kurang camtu la..and I think we can apply that in our life..semakin banyak kegagalan yang kita lalui, kita akan menjadi semakin kuat..bukan menjadi semakin lemah…betul tak?

Ok, if u want to know more about this movie, why not u just watch and experience this movie by yourself…Enjoy the movie..

p/s: Do your best in whatever you do!

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