Friday, March 11, 2011


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Peeps,feel free visit my new blog

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bye2 Blogspot

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Guys,i'll not updating anything for right now because i'll say bye2 to blogspot :)
Yes,i have new blog and will be launch soon :)Will do inform once complete!
So,to all my friends and bloggers, stay tune!

p/s:Sorry la lame sangat menyepi :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Separuh Jiwaku Pergi

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Morning guys :)

Benar ku mencintaimu
Tapi tak begini
Kau khianati hati ini
Kau curangi aku
Kau bilang tak pernah bahagia
Selama dengan aku
Itu ucap bibirmu
Kau dustakan semua
Yang kita bina
Kau hancurkan semua

Haha..intro je da jiwang macam ni..Tak boleh blah betul..Hmm..Actually nothing to say just wanna say hi to other blogers and readers..Oh today as usual sambil2 nak siap gi kerja i dengar MHI..ada a few discussion yang menarik minat i...

Wardina ada tanye a few callers.Antaranya:

1. Siapa yang akan cepat mengalah..Lelaki or Perempuan..
2. Kalau u all merajuk how he/she nak pujuk u?

Come,share with me..Nak tau la jugak yr experience :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pergilah Duka

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I wish my life will be bright in 2010 but i forgot that it's life.We will face a lot of things in our life.From that we'll learn to face future challenge..We gain experience..Tapi....still have tapi..
Kenapa?2010 baru je berapa hari ni tapi aku rasa macam banyak je benda yang jadi...

Early 2010,I need to go tru a lot of problemssss in office alone.Yes,alone.My boss on long leave.Still in Philipines.I wish that i have an assistant now..pls..Right now,my life pun macam tunggang langgang je.Weekend tak dapat nak gi mana2 teraphy center(shopping complex..hee) sebab buat kerja office.Ye,aku bawak kerja office kat rumah.Even stay-up malam semata2 nak siap kan kerja office aku yang berlambak2 itu.Mata pun da jadi macam panda.If chomel macam panda tak pa la jugak.Benci!

Pastu semalam time aku nak pergi kerja,i noticed there is abnormality kat bawang merah..bile aku pegang je..prakkk..patahhhhhh..tau tak?tempat yang kite nak bukak pintu tu..patah?can u imagine it?haih sape nye keje ni??nak kena kerat tangan sekarang ni aku nak masuk kat driver site aku masuk tru co-driver nye seat..tak boleh blah betul la..berapa plak duit aku melayang to fix this..adoii

Semalam jugak,aku berkejar2 ke tempat adek aku.He's injured again sebab terjatuh during training session..kaki dia da bengkak.Hantar gi klinik to check and balut takut masuk angin..Malam tadi tengok dia susah tio..sebab kaki nya berdenyut2..Sorry for him..I don't know how to say.A lot of obstacles that he need to face.Lepas satu,satu..He also cannot join the tournament in Iran soon.I don't know how can i help him..Kata2 semangat pun da tak jalan da..Today,he'l go to MSN with my parents to do an X-ray to check ada patah ke tak.Mintak2 dijauhkan la..I just hope that he'll recover soon before Grand Prix Tournament start;it might be in Feb.I don't know he read my blog or not.Whatever it is,I just want to say to him..Sabar.There must be a reason for everything that happened.Kena kuatkan semangat.Allah takkan menguji hamba-Nya melebihi tahap kemampuan kita.Ya Allah,berilah peluang for my brother untuk berjaya dan permudahkanlah jalannya.Amin...
I wish that segala duka ini pergi and am looking fwd for happiness in 2010.

p/s:Guys,am so sorry for this entry.I am also human being..Da takder tempat nak mengadu..sini je la luahan hati :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Syawal is recovered from his injury now

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Jarang da aku update pasal USANA testi..Actually there is a lot of testi tapi tak sempat nak update..
We'll start with this first.Ok,to those follow my blog from start,will know how im start with USANA biz..Back then,im not interested to do biz related to MLM company..i just was looking for supplement that can cure my bro's injury. He is one of national badminton player suffered bad arm,wrist and leg injury.He had to skip a tournament in Vietnam.Even he plan to quit after long journey;15 years. That time i menggelupur nak cari any supplement that can treat his injury in short time.Because my bro not penyabar orang nye.He want to see the result if possible dan2 tu jugak.Here i attach news from TheStar Online dated 19Oct.After do some google here and there i found one interesting blog :) mrmrsimran blog which i wondering why she keep telling that USANA is the best supplement.Im not straight away believe in USANA and i do some research to know what is the USANA products,info and etc..Oh,i found out that Procosa (one of USANA supplement) an adjunctive for the treatment of osteoarthritis and it is provides glucosamine sulphate to promote optimal joint health.I am also found that USANA sponsored a lot of championship out there, even the athletes also consumed USANA supplement in their daily routine.My confidence level in USANA jump to almost 100%.I am thinking that if athlete luar pun consumed USANA means it is good for my bro also,right? So i contact MrsImran to know more about the products and start place order for my Bro..No harm to try..Now i can see that the suuplement works to him eventho not fully recovered because he stop consumed since he claimed he's ok now no need to consume anymore(hee budak yang degil Syawal ni) and he is still playing/training without rest(to give him a chance to fully recover) but at least he can play again and help his team to Final as stated in NewStraitsTime dated 31Dec09:I also sign up as a member to enjoy the member price for future purchase because im think 1 bottle of Procosa not enough for my bro(At first) but i change my mind why not try to do bis with USANA because from purchase the products i can collect the points.Some more,I have a lots of testi from my own family,friends and other customer that say thumbs up for USANA supplement which can treat a lots of disease.I will blog about it later..Need to dig my msg tru email,ym and phone :).So now,I dont want to turning back.Keep moving with USANA bisnes:) Anyone interested to try USANA products or want to follow me in USANA biz?We'll help each other to success..Just drop a comment or email me at

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