Saturday, January 9, 2010

Syawal is recovered from his injury now

Posted by emaduel at 5:03 PM
Jarang da aku update pasal USANA testi..Actually there is a lot of testi tapi tak sempat nak update..
We'll start with this first.Ok,to those follow my blog from start,will know how im start with USANA biz..Back then,im not interested to do biz related to MLM company..i just was looking for supplement that can cure my bro's injury. He is one of national badminton player suffered bad arm,wrist and leg injury.He had to skip a tournament in Vietnam.Even he plan to quit after long journey;15 years. That time i menggelupur nak cari any supplement that can treat his injury in short time.Because my bro not penyabar orang nye.He want to see the result if possible dan2 tu jugak.Here i attach news from TheStar Online dated 19Oct.After do some google here and there i found one interesting blog :) mrmrsimran blog which i wondering why she keep telling that USANA is the best supplement.Im not straight away believe in USANA and i do some research to know what is the USANA products,info and etc..Oh,i found out that Procosa (one of USANA supplement) an adjunctive for the treatment of osteoarthritis and it is provides glucosamine sulphate to promote optimal joint health.I am also found that USANA sponsored a lot of championship out there, even the athletes also consumed USANA supplement in their daily routine.My confidence level in USANA jump to almost 100%.I am thinking that if athlete luar pun consumed USANA means it is good for my bro also,right? So i contact MrsImran to know more about the products and start place order for my Bro..No harm to try..Now i can see that the suuplement works to him eventho not fully recovered because he stop consumed since he claimed he's ok now no need to consume anymore(hee budak yang degil Syawal ni) and he is still playing/training without rest(to give him a chance to fully recover) but at least he can play again and help his team to Final as stated in NewStraitsTime dated 31Dec09:I also sign up as a member to enjoy the member price for future purchase because im think 1 bottle of Procosa not enough for my bro(At first) but i change my mind why not try to do bis with USANA because from purchase the products i can collect the points.Some more,I have a lots of testi from my own family,friends and other customer that say thumbs up for USANA supplement which can treat a lots of disease.I will blog about it later..Need to dig my msg tru email,ym and phone :).So now,I dont want to turning back.Keep moving with USANA bisnes:) Anyone interested to try USANA products or want to follow me in USANA biz?We'll help each other to success..Just drop a comment or email me at

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