Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kali Pertama

Posted by emaduel at 10:54 PM
Ramai yang tanye aku macam mane aku leh kenal USANA ni?ok, begini ceghitanye..dont blame me if this entry berjela2,ok?

My bro is one of junior badminton player and he suffered arm, wrist and leg injury.As a sister i try looking for him any supplement or medicine that can cure my bro's injury..i think i found one quite good supplement for him from this blog but i dont know, i just leave it macm diterbangkan oleh angin macm tu..cewahh..mungkin mase tu pikir2 pasal harga and berkesan ke supplement la,USANA kan?mane la aku penah dengar..korang penah dengar ke?

Then,when my bro upset in World Jr Tournament, he said he want to quit?What??after a long journey that u faced and then u just want to quit like that.His decision meke us dissapointed.I know he must be the one most dissapointed bcause this year is the last year for him(as jr). its really make me open up my mind.I think i need to do sumthing.Tak salah kan kite nak mencuba?Then i wrote to MrsImran ask her about USANA products.Thanks to her willing to answer all my question and also thanks sbb bersusah payah meet me[if delivery service,will take about 3days,sedangkan aku nak cepat my bro ader tournament in a week,so with her initiative die amek kat HQ then aku amek directly from her]

i bought these ESSENTIAL+PROCOSA for my bro.I was then signed up a member to make me can enjoy the privellege as a member.Memang my bro still suffered lagi because his injury very bad tapi his injured makin least die tak jadi quit and within a week his fisio consultant allow him to join the next tournament.What is that?Good sign,right?

From that,I think that I can believe in USANA products.Then i ordered ESSENTIAL+Proflavanol for us,since it's good supplement.
My Mum=athma+nak trunkan berat badan
My Dad=hypertension and sakit sendi macm adek aku[sbb die pun badminton player+part time coach]
My Sis=migrain+bowel prob+mestrual circulation prob+n nak trunkan berat badan gak.
ME? aku consumed Essential+Procosa sbb nak cantik(Esential bole buang toksin2],cepat letih.
Sejak dlu mak aku yang asik belikan supplement untuk aku adek beradik so I think now its my turn to pay them back.Aku belikan ESSENTIAL+Procosa ni not for me only but for my family too!ader bonus lagi aku belanja mak aku nutrimeal sbb die nak kurus..hee

Based on my experiece consumed USANA products,hasilnye sangat2 memuaskan..aku da tak letih,bowel prob da takder,migrain berkurang,skin aku jadi lembab n glow.Ohhh besides that aku gne gak SENSE skin care by USANA :)Conclusion here,i fell in love with USANA products.U can enjoy healthy life and also collect yr point;side income.Takder la nak mengkayakan cina farmasi je..I'll write more about USANA ni in next entry,k?Tapi for those interested to know more about USANA products u are welcome to ask me by click here.Its my pleasure to answer yr inquiries.USANA ni still new in Malaysia.So,grab this oppurtunity.Jom join my team! :)

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