Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm Back

Posted by emaduel at 8:25 AM
Hi so sorry my blog not update in past few days..Just not feeling well and i memang tak larat untuk mengupdate my blog.In fact,aku memang tak larat nak update now but just want to say hello to all my blog readers..aku jumpa doc semalam to check what's actually happen to me..kaki aku cepat cramp not even leg,my stomach and also my hand...doc said that i lack of come eh doc?I'll make sure to drink a glass of milk every night. Regarding to doc perhaps the calsium in the milk not enough for,my work enviroment that very cold make it worst..see.that's why i hate aircond so much..nyusahkan aku je..menci nye......why this happen to me??sigh..Doc just ask me to take calsium supplement plus rajin2 la sapu minyak panas..

Oh,i need to do sumthing..balik je jumpa doc,aku terus bukak USANA website..and just one click,aku order terus supplement calcium..[actually it is not just one click,but to show how easy with USANA u can order everything online] now i just waiting for the parcel..i hope that everything will go back to mormal after this..
ok guys..gtg..a lot of work today..arrghh..daaa

2 comments on "I'm Back"

arman on December 9, 2009 at 9:51 AM said...

get well soon..

Isma said...



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