Sunday, December 6, 2009

Explore Facebook

Posted by emaduel at 10:02 PM
This weekend memang sangat membosankan..i just spent weekend at home..oohh sangat baik,ok?But, bagus jugak..aku rehat sepuas2nye sebelum start keje,sok is monday ke?alaaaaa..ok,bile tak gi mane2 ni,so i have a chance to explore more about FB..yes i admit aku ni kuno lagi with FB..takpe slow2,k?

Bile aku da explore tu terjumpe la lecturer2 UMP..pergh..lecturer2 aku ader facebook..bagus2 at least we can keep in touch..and im proud when i see the picture semuanye further study kat oversea..waaa...sangat mengujakan..cikgu sekolah menengah pun ade...waaa..cikgu yang cute as me..and glad that she still recognize me..of course..i was a good student..hahaha..betul tak cikgu?teringat zaman2 belajar..i really missed that moment.

Then,Bile bukak page my bro tgk result quiz die and aku pun gatai gak la nak try that the analysis of the quiz..
Norisma just have fun with Playing With Your Names and the result:

N : is a very good kisser too! not sure because no one can yet check it.haha..oh hold on..ader yang boleh i good kisser,imyan?

O : has one of the best personalities ever hmm..What personalities eh?anyone can help to describe?
R : funny yes, a lot of people said that im funny..
I : is really sweet & romantic yeah i know im soooo need to mention..heee

S : makes people laugh but im not joker,k?
M : Makes dating fun am i?
A : crazy
Crazy of what ha??orang gile kot..

Heyyy...merepek2 je la analysis quiz ni..

p/s:oh no...esok da start keje la..sungguh malassss

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Anonymous said...

alaa kdg2 fb ni die pnye game bkn btol sgt. ngokngek jgak. lynkan je laa

Isma said...

ye2..di saat kebosanan memang itu je yang dilayankan..haha

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